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Amazon was founded in 1994 and has gone on to become the largest online shopping portal in the United States, and one of the largest in the world. The company got its start selling books, but would soon branch out to selling other types of media before eventually expanding to sell a broad range of products from nearly every category imaginable. Amazon was founded by current CEO, Jeff Bezos, and is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. The company currently employs approximately 183,000 people.

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Amazon Customer Service for Orders

Contact Amazon by dialing 0870 280 5115 to discuss any matter related to orders. Amazon sells and ships thousands of items daily, so it comes as no surprise that Amazon customer services receives a large volume of calls each day. However, the company is well-equipped to provide excellent customer service to all, and has a reputation for doing just that. There is more than one way to contact the company, such as by email, but phone contact remains the most popular option for customers who are in need of assistance.

Callers can speak to representatives who can help with issues related to:

  • Contact Amazon Headquarters• Item Specifics
    • Shipment Tracking
    • Delivery of Large Items
    • International Shipments
    • Undeliverable Packages
    • Shipping Costs
    • Shipping Options
    • And More

If you would prefer to track your package online, you can do so by logging into your account at: After logging in, click on the link that says, “Your Orders”. Locate the item you wish to track and then click, “Track Package”. In most cases, this process will show you the most current shipping status. If not, it may be necessary to contact Amazon to learn more about the expected delivery date of your order.

It is always best to ask questions about products prior to placing an order, so do not hesitate to call the Amazon support line if you have questions related to any of the products that come from Amazon. For items that come from marketplace sellers, you will need to contact the seller of the item directly. Amazon does serve as the go-between for the sellers that participate in its marketplace, so do not hesitate to contact customer service for help if the seller is not providing you with what you need.

Amazon Contact Number for Returns and Refunds

Should you need to contact Amazon for matters related to returns or refunds, call the Amazon helpline at 0870 280 5115. Most items purchased on the site can be returned for a full refund. Gifts may also be returned. In some cases, items will not qualify for a refund, but can be exchanged for another item. To process a return, it will be necessary to complete the process online. There are four steps involved with returning an item, and those are as follows:

  1. Print Label & Authorization
  2. Prepare the Package
  3. Attached the Return Label
  4. Ship the Package to Amazon

After an item has been sent for return, it can be tracked to determine when it was received. Amazon help is available if you experience problems with returning an item. The customer service department can also answer questions related to which items can or cannot be returned. In some cases, items will need to be unopened in order to be returned. Call Amazon if you need assistance with anything related to returns or refund processing.

The aforementioned process relates solely to items purchased from Amazon. Marketplace sellers may or may not accept returns, so it is a good idea to ask them about this prior to making a purchase. When returns are accepted, the seller may or may not be willing to pay the return cost. Some choose only to purchase directly from Amazon in order to avoid hassles, but in general, purchasing from a marketplace seller is a safe and secure process that is backed by the Amazon terms & conditions for sellers.

Amazon Customer Service Number for Sellers

The Amazon marketplace is set up to allow sellers to market their own items to Amazon’s huge customer base. Both products and services can be listed for sale on the marketplace. To learn more about what can be sold, and how to sell it, call Amazon on 0870 280 5115. Both Individual and Professional sales options are available, and fees do vary. Amazon does offer order fulfilment services as well. Use Amazon customer service number 0870 280 5115 to discuss fulfilment options, or learn more by visiting the Amazon website.

There is a cost associated with selling items on Amazon. The costs are generally a flat fee + percentage fee based upon what is being sold and the selling price. Discounts are offered in some cases to larger volume sellers. There are also special rates for those who only have a few things that they wish to sell. The Amazon Marketplace can be tough to navigate at first, so do not hesitate to contact Amazon support for help with getting started in this massive-scale sales arena.

Amazon Phone Number for Trade-Ins

Amazon Contact For Trade InsAmazon accepts a wide variety of items in exchange for trade-in credit. Credit is provided in the form of an account credit or gift card. If you have items that you are no longer using, the trade-in program may be an excellent way to received credit towards new items. Items from the following categories may be accepted in exchange for credit:

  • • Phones
    • Cameras
    • Laptops & Tablets
    • Wearables
    • Other Electronics
    • Books & Textbooks
    • Video Games
    • TV & Movies
    • Music

Depending on where you live, submissions may take as long as 10-days to arrive. Amazon provides the shipping label for trading in items, so packages can be tracked. Items can be accepted or rejected, and the decision will be made known once the items have been inspected. You can of course also contact Amazon to discuss trade-in transactions.

The credit amount that is offered on each item is based upon a few different factors, such as the item being traded in and the condition that the item is in. It is possible to see credit offers online, based upon the condition of the item. However, if you choose to send in an item, claiming that it is in excellent condition and it is determined by Amazon that the item is not in excellent condition, the trade in offer will be reduced. For more information about how to accurately determine item condition, contact Amazon customer services.

Amazon Contact for Prime

Amazon Prime is a service that is paid for on a yearly basis. The service can be given as a gift, and it is also possible to earn money by referring friends to the service. Subscribers are provided with a number of benefits, including the ability to access special deals and sales before they are released to the general public. Special deals are communicated via email, and may also be posted on the website before they begin. Every benefit that comes with Prime will in some way be made available via the Amazon website.

Prime provides benefits such as:

  • • Free Two Day Shipping – Fast, free shipping on over 20 million items
    • Access to Prime Instant Video – Unlimited movies and TV shows
    • Access to Prime Photos – Free unlimited photo storage
    • Access to Prime Music – Unlimited streaming music
    • Access to the Kindle Library – Over 800,000 free eBooks

If you would like to start or cancel a Prime membership, you can do so online, or by using Amazon contact number 0870 280 5115 to speak with a representative who can help. As the service is billed yearly, it will only be necessary to cancel at any point prior to when renewal takes place in order to avoid being charged. Should you be charged in error, contact the customer service department. If you experience any problems with the services listed above, contact Amazon for help!

Amazon on Social Media

Amazon does accept feedback and offer help via their social media accounts. Assistance with all types of matters is available by posting or messaging the company directly. When you contact Amazon on social media, it can take some time to receive a response. For a faster response time, use Amazon phone number 0870 280 5115 to connect with a representative immediately. Amazon can be found on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, and more. Some of these outlets are a better choice than others when it comes to response times, so keep this in mind should you opt to use this contact method.

When should social media be used to contact Amazon? As a general rule, social media is best used for asking general questions about the products and services that are available on the website. This contact method should not be used to discuss account details, and should certainly not be used to discuss payment methods. Contact Amazon directly in order to deal with anything related to personal or payment details.

Work for Amazon

Interested in a career with Amazon? The company has employment opportunities in 135 locations in 32 different countries. Jobs can be searched by category, team, and location. Position categories include advertising, customer service, devices, web services, and much more. Amazon number 0870 280 5115 can be used to be connected with the hiring department. Information can also be found online by visiting the “Careers” section of the website. There, candidates will be able to search jobs by category, team, and location, and can also create an account that will allow the application process to be completed.

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