Contacting Customer Service: What Are My Options?


If you need to get in touch with a customer service department, there are usually a few options to choose from. Understanding what your options are when it comes to asking questions or dealing with problems will help you to cut down on the amount of the time it takes to resolve the matter. Your time is just as important as anyone else’s, and there are indeed ways to make sure that you spend the least amount of time necessary dealing with customer service.

Even though the creation of the internet has changed many things, one thing that it has not changed is the need for phone support. People still want to be able to pick up the telephone and connect with someone who can answer questions or provide help. Nearly all companies and public entities provide a contact number for support, and this should be your go-to contact option for reporting problems or asking questions that you cannot easily find answers to.

Live chat may or may not be an option, but when it is offered, it is the next best thing to phone support. In fact, it is the only other contact option that allows you to connect to an actual agent in real-time. The main problem with live chat is that it can sometimes be difficult to get your point across when typing out a message, so it may take longer to get answers. The other problem is that this contact method may not always be available, and is in fact, likely to only be offered during specific hours of the day.

Email is a contact option that has been around for a while, and if you are not in a rush to receive a response, this method is a good choice. In some cases, email response times are 24-hours or more, so you would not want to opt for this method to take care of matters such as reporting a service outage. The wait time really means that it should not be used for any matter that requires an immediate response. For general questions about products or services, you may want to use this method if you prefer not to call customer service.

Last but not least is social media. This is a tricky contact method, as you may or may not receive a response, and help may not be available at all times. If a company has a social media page, but does not offer customer service via that page, your query may fall upon deaf ears. Another potential problem is the fact that for security reasons, one should never share any private information in a public forum. Like email, social media contact is best for general questions that do not require a fast response.

Each of these contact methods has their place in the world of customer service. Some are better than others, and some are better used under certain circumstances. While no one wishes to need help, the fact is that we all sometimes do. Knowing how to best get help will ensure that any problems can be taken care of quickly.