DVLA Contact Number: 0870 280 5118

The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) was founded in 1965 and is currently an active agency of The Department for Transport. The DVLA is responsible for maintaining the registration of drivers and vehicles throughout Great Britain. This information provided us used to improve road safety, reduce the number of vehicle related crimes, support environmental initiatives and limit vehicle tax evasion. DVLA headquarters are located in Swansea, Wales, and the current CEO is Oliver Morley.

DVLA Contact Number: 0870 280 5118
Call The DVLA Phone Number To Discuss Your Driving Needs

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The official contact number for DVLA can be found on their official website here: www.gov.uk

DVLA Contact Information

DVLA Contact LetterDVLA contact number 0870 280 5118 can be used to connect with a representative who can answer questions and provide assistance. When you call DVLA, the following topics can be discussed:

  • Driving Licenses
    Car Tax Discs
    Lost Licence Reporting
    Updating Records
    Buying or Selling Private Plates
    Untaxed Vehicles
    License Checks
    And More

The fully automated telephone service is available 27/7, so most matters can be handled at any hour, without the need to speak with DVLA customer services. Should you wish to read about policies and process related to any of the topics listed above online, visit: https://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/driver-and-vehicle-licensing-agency and then select the appropriate topic category.

When Should I Contact DVLA?

When Should I Contact DVLAThe DVLA is responsible for:

  • Issuing licenses to first-time drivers
    Processing applications for provisional licenses
    Issuing blue badges to drivers who are disabled
    Assisting Police and Intelligence services
    Updating damaged or stolen vehicle information

The 24-hour DVLA helping allows drivers to ensure that keep their information fully updated, allow you to purchase a tax disc when necessary, obtain a new licence, report a vehicle that is not road-worthy, and more. If you would like to see alternate ways to contact DVLA customer services, or need special assistance, visit: https://www.gov.uk/contact-the-dvla and following the instructions to fill out the provided contact form.


DVLA Contact for Tax Discs and Road Tax Payments

DVLA contact number 0870 280 5118 can be used to receive help with renewing tax discs or setting up road tax payments. It is also possible to receive tachograph cards for lorries. Should you decide to sell your vehicle, call DVLA and report the sale. This is quite important, because if the sale is not reported, you will remain responsible for the vehicle. A V5C Registration certificate is required. When calling to report a sale, you will need to provide the vehicle registration number, make and model, date of sale, and the name/address of the new owner.

Every vehicle must display a current Road Tax disc. In July of 2013, the decision was made to lengthen the time-period for displaying a new tax disc. Previously, the time-period was five days, but it has now been extended to fourteen days. This additional time will allow you to submit a new application before the old disc expires. If you need help with renewing your tax disc, call the DVLA helpline and speak with an adviser.

Should you wish to tax your vehicle at a local post office, you will need the following:

  • Payment
    Vehicle tax reminder letter (V11)
    V5C registration certificate (log book)
    New keeper supplement (V5C/2) (if vehicle was just purchased)

You may also need:

  • MOT test certificate (must be valid when the tax starts)
    Insurance certificate or cover note (only in Northern Ireland)

DVLA Contact for Personalised Number Plates

The DVLA does offer personalised number plates to those who want them. These plates can contain a wide variety of letters and numbers, however, there are some limits. DVLA phone number 0870 280 5118 can be used to call to learn more about personalised plates options and availability. Prices for these plates start from at 250, with series 63 Reg starting at 399 + 80 fee. A certificate of entitlement (A V750), will be needed to get your new plates printed. This will be provided after payment for the personalised plate has been submitted.

DVLA Helpline for Driving Licenses

DVLA Driving LicenseA provisional driving licence will be needed in order to begin learning how to drive. This holds true for both cars and bikes. A bike licence makes it possible for you to ride a motorcycle of up to 125cc with L plates while you learn. For cars and other vehicles, a provisional licence will allow you to you drive if a person with a full driving licence is in the vehicle with you. A full licence will be issued to you after you have passed the theory test and the driving test. A provisional licence costs 50. Contact DVLA directly on 0870 280 5118 to learn more.

Once you pass your driving test, a full driving licence will be provided. The cost for a full licence is 50 (on top of the cost of the provisional). If you need more information about full licences, call DVLA on 0870 280 5118. DVLA booking support is available via email at – customer.services@dsa.gsi.gov.uk. Support is available Monday to Friday, from 8am to midday. Note that driving licence photocards do have to be renewed every ten years. Renewal costs 20.

Once your reach age 70, you will be required to completely renew your licence. It may also be necessary to renew it may at some other time for different reasons, such as to update from an old paper licence, to update your address, or to update your photograph. There is no cost associated with changing your name and address. Use the DVLA phone number 0870 280 5118 to call and speak to an adviser about whether or not you need to submit a change, or renew your licence.

Contact DVLA for SORN Certificates

If you own a vehicle that is currently not being used or isn’t road worthy, it must still be registered. To do this, you will need to submit an application for a SORN certificate – Statutory Off Road Notification declaration. A refund may be possible, but it cannot be backdated, so be sure to apply as soon as the vehicle is no longer in use. When you call DVLA, be prepared to provide your Reference number as shown on the registered certificate or V11 form.

DVLA on Social Media

It is possible to contact the DVLA via social media using the links below. Do not post personal information when connecting via social media. However, you can ask basic questions and submit feedback.

For all questions or comments that would require personal information to be provided, use DVLA contact number 0870 280 5118 to call and speak directly with an adviser, or use the 24-hour automated line to process many common tasks.

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