EON Contact Number: 0870 280 5120

Headquartered in Düsseldorf, Germany, Eon is one of the largest energy suppliers in operation today. The company provides electricity and gas to over 5 million homes and businesses throughout the United Kingdom. Eon was founded in 2000 and currently employs approximately 58,000 people worldwide. The company CEO is Dr. Johannes Teyssen and the chairman of the supervisory board is Werner Wenning.

EON Contact Number: 0870 280 5120
Use This Number To Connect To EON Customer Services

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The official contact number for EON can be found on their official website here: www.eonenergy.com

Eon Customer Service Contact Number

EON Contact NumberEon contact number 0870 280 5120 can be used to speak with a member of the customer service team. Help in one or more forms is available around the clock, and of course emergencies can be reported at any hour of the day or night. Telephone is the preferred contact method of most, but there are other contact methods available and these are outlined below.

A few of the issues that can be handled over the phone include:

  • • Bill Payments
    • Meter Reading
    • Moving Home
    • Establishing New Service
    • Online Account Setup
    • App Support
    • Tariff Quotes

In addition to phone support, Eon contact is available via email. Submissions must be sent via the company website and can be filled out on this page: https://www.eonenergy.com/for-your-home/contact-us. It is important to note that emails may not be answered immediately, and that the best that Eon promises is to respond to your email as soon as possible. For a faster response, the Eon telephone number listed above should be used.

Eon Customer Service for Account Help

Having an account will allow you to do many things, such as pay bills online, monitor your energy usage, change pricing plans, and more. Should you need any help with creating an account, need help with your password, or wish to close your account, contact Eon. For security reasons, only use phone as the contact method for discussing account specifics such as your personal information or payment methods. Some account changes can be made online, but others may require a call to the Eon customer service department.

Eon Contact via Social Media

Eon Energy does provide assistance via social media. This includes both assistance with accounts, billing, repairs, and more. The company can be found on both Twitter and Facebook. Live assistance is available Monday – Friday, 8am and 8pm, and Saturday, 8am to 6pm. During these hours, representatives are standing by to answer questions. Do be sure to send a private message for the fastest response time, and do consider using phone over social media if your query involves any personal data.

In addition to social media, Eon Energy can be found on YouTube. The company offers a wide variety of videos that could provide helpful to both current and prospective subscribers. It is possible to leave comments that may or may not be responded to, but if you are set on using social media as a contact method, Facebook and Twitter are the better options. For the fastest response time, opt to simply call Eon customer service during their standard hours of operation.

Eon Contact for Moving Home

Assistance with moving home is available for existing customers, new customers, and landlords. Help is available by contacting Eon customer service at 0870 280 5120. Tips and frequently asked questions related to moving home can also be found on the Eon website. Moving home can be a stressful process, but the task can be made easier by scheduling a service transfer well in advance. Any customer service agent can help you with this, so long as you are able to provide some basic information and the new address.

It can take some time to complete the process of transferring service. Keep this in mind when you plan to move to a new home. Transfer services are of course available for businesses that are moved to a new location as well. The transfer process will be just the same as for moving home, but may require additional time to complete. If you are a business owner that plans to move to a new location, call Eon to discuss the steps necessary for the transfer.

Saving Energy and Money with Eon

Eon offers education, assistance, and services to help customers save on energy costs. To speak with Eon customer services about ways to save, dial 0870 280 5120. Additionally, existing customers can access a saving energy toolkit price comparison tool after logging into their account online. Solar power options are available, and those who use them may receive compensation by signing up for the Feed-In tariff. To learn more about solar power for your home or business, call the Eon helpline.

Smart Meters are yet another money-saving option that Eon customers have access to. Eon customer service can help you with…

  • • Understanding what smart meters are and how they work
    • Explaining Smart Pay As You Go
    • Meter installation process
    • Meter installation appointment booking
    • Understanding Smart Energy Display (SED)

Additional information about Smart Meters, along with a complete FAQ list can be found online. To sign up for a meter and book an installation appointment, Eon customer service should be contacted via phone. It will be necessary to schedule installation, and there will be some service downtime while the change is made. The agent that you speak with will explain the process in detail, and tell you just what to expect when switching over to a Smart Meter.

Eon Tariff Options

Eon Energy offers four different tariff options, including both standard and fixed rate plans. The current options include:

*E.ON EnergyPlan – Variable priced tariff. No exit fees. E.ON Rewards are available for dual fuel or electricity customers. This tariff is open to credit, pre-paid, and non-standard meter customers. The rates charged when using this plan are based strictly off actual usage, and are not going to be the same as the Fixed rates that are offered.

*E.ON Energy Fixed 1 Year v16 – Fixed 1 year contract which protects you from price changes, subject to VAT and regulatory changes. Prices are cheaper than standard variable price rates. E.ON Rewards are available. An exit fee totaling £5 per fuel does apply for exiting before the tariff end date. This plan is available either as a dual fuel or electricity only. Not available for pre-paid or non-standard meters.

*E.ON Energy Fixed 2 Year v6 – Fixed 2 year contract which protects you from price changes, subject to VAT and regulatory changes. Prices are more expensive than standard variable price rates. E.ON Rewards are available. An exit fee totaling £10 per fuel does apply for exiting before the tariff end date. This plan is available either as a dual fuel or electricity only. Not available for pre-paid or non-standard meters.

*Age UK Fixed 2 Year v5 – Fixed prices for 2 years. Prices are cheaper than standard variable price rates. Participants must be 60 years or older to be qualify for this tariff. Prices subject to VAT and regulatory changes. No exit fee. E.ON Rewards are also available. Not available for pre-paid or non-standard meters.

Use Eon Energy contact number 0870 280 5120 to call and speak with a representative about your tariff options. Free price quotes are also available online by filling out a short form and submitting it. Quotes are also provided over the phone. An Eon customer service agent can help you to determine which rate plan is most suitable for how you use energy, and this can help you to save money. Call today to discuss any of the aforementioned pricing options.

Eon for Businesses

EON For BusinessEnergy solutions for both small and large business customers are available. You’re considered to be a small to medium energy user if you maintain less than 20 sites, or don’t have a half-hourly meter. Energy usage is also taken into account. For electricity, total spending should be less than £25,000 or less than 1 GWh per year. For gas, spending should be less than £15,000 or less than 1.5 GWh per year. You’re considered a large energy user if you maintain 20+ sites, have half-hourly meters, or exceed the limits listed above. EON contact number 0870 280 5120 can be used to connect with a business energy specialist.

Discounted rates may be provided in some cases, based upon usage. There are alternative, large-scale energy solutions available, such as solar power. Since there are several different possibilities, it is best to get in touch with a business service specialist to discuss the available options. A customized plan may be needed for your business, and of course, your budget and specific energy needs can also be taken into account.

Eon Energy Employment Opportunities

Eon Energy offers career opportunities in the following areas:

  • • Customer Service & Sales
    • Engineering & Meter Operations
    • Professional & Support
    • Apprentice & Trainee Programs
    • Graduate & Undergraduate Positions

To search open positions online, visit the Eon official website. Ready to apply? Applications can be submitted straight away online. An account will need to be registered prior to submitting an application online. Eon phone number 0870 280 5120 can also be used to be connected to the hiring department. Help is available with account creation, submitting an application, sending in a resume, and more.

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