HMRC Contact Number: 0870 280 5119

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, HMRC for short, is a department within the United Kingdom government. They hold the responsibility of collecting taxes, as well as issuing certain benefits. HMRC also handles certain administration tasks, including the national minimum wage. The HMRC was created as part of a merger involving Inland Revenue and Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise in April 2005. HMRC employs approximately 67,000 people and is headquartered in London.

HMRC Contact Nmber: 0870 280 5119
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The official contact number for HMRC can be found on their official website here:

HMRC Contact Information

HMRC contact number 0870 280 5119 can be used to connect to a representative. The call volume experienced by the HMRC can make contacting them a challenge at times. However, there are tax matters that do require directly speaking with someone who can help. To save time and to avoid having to call more than once, refer to their website to select the exact department that you would like to speak to before calling. A full list can be found here:

HMRC is responsible for many tax and financial matters related to both individuals and businesses, including:

  • HMRC Contact Information• Tax Collection (Personal and Business)
    • Environmental Taxes
    • VAT
    • Customs
    • Excise Duty
    • Trade Data
    • National Insurance
    • Tax Credits
    • Child Benefit
    • Minimum Wage Enforcement
    • Student Loan Repayments

The HMRC is supported by two agencies and public entities, working together to ensure that funds are available for financially supporting the various public services within the United Kingdom, and for assisting families that need help financially. When you contact HMRC, you will be able to speak with someone privately about your inquiry. The HMRC website:, is an additional way to receive answers to many common questions.

Another way to avoid problems when calling the HMRC helpline is to have all of your information and personal details ready in advance. When calling, there is a process of selection that callers must go through to get to the correct department. Separate lines are provided for different topics, so be prepared to make the appropriate selection in order to be connected to someone that can help. You may also find it helpful to be familiar with current policies prior to calling.

Why Call HMRC?

There are many reasons to contact HMRC, including:

  • Why Call HMRC• Tax calculation – If you suspect that you paid too much, your tax bracket can be recalculated.
    • New residency – New UK resident will need to call HMRC and complete the application for a National Insurance number.
    • Employee Setup – Find out which tax codes apply to an employee, or what their National Insurance dues will be.
    • Inheritance Taxes – Find out what you owe on inherited property or assets.
    • Tax Credits – Find out if you qualify for tax credits for low income individuals and families.
    • New Business – Learn how to properly pay taxes on your new business.
    • VAT – Learn about VAT rights and make inquiries about payments.
    • Accounting – Gather information about a customer’s tax details.
    • Fraud Reporting – Report fraud related to benefits, tax evasion, money laundering, and more.
    • Charity Information – Learn about special tax schemes for charitable organisations.

HMRC Contact Number 0870 280 5119 can be used to find out individuals for an employee. Calls are accepted Monday to Friday, with no calls being accepted on weekends. The HMRC number listed above can be used to reach the bereavement line, and can also be used to ask about income taxes. Employers may call the business office between the hours of 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM during weekdays, and between the hours of 8:00 AM to 4:00 on Saturday. Businesses and corporations seeking tax information are asked to call during the business week (Monday to Friday) to receive assistance.

Additional Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs tax information can be found online:

Note that HMRC operates a Pay As You Earn scheme. This means that HMRC will calculate your tax bracket and determine how much tax you will pay according to the amount of money you earn. Higher earnings place you in a higher tax bracket, meaning you will pay more taxes than if you earned less. Taxes are automatically pulled from your salary, typically by your employer, and paid to HMRC on your behalf. Should you have questions about how PAYE directly relates to you, dial HM Revenue and customs contact number 0870 280 5119.

HMRC on Social Media

Although personal information should never be shared online, there are several matters that you may be able to get help with by contacting HMRC via their social media accounts.

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs also maintains a blog where tax payers and benefit recipients can keep up with the latest changes and information. This blog can be found at:

HMRC Online Services

In addition to being able to use HMRC contact number 0870 280 5119 to receive assistance, online services are provided. Online services do require that you register for an account, but after that is done you can complete tasks related to the following:

  • HMRC Online Services• Alcohol and Tobacco Warehousing
    • Charities
    • Construction Industry Scheme
    • Corporation Taxes
    • EC Sales List
    • Employment Intermediaries
    • Excise Movement and Control System
    • Foreign Account Tax Compliance
    • Gambling Taxes
    • Import Control System
    • Machine Games Duty
    • New Computerised Transit System
    • Notification of Vehicles
    • PAYE
    • Pensions Schemes
    • Qualifying Recognised Overseas Pension Scheme
    • Reverse Charge Sales List
    • Self-Assessment
    • Shared Workspace
    • Stamp Taxes
    • VAT
    • VAT Refunds
    • VAT Mini One Stop Shop

To register for HMRC online services, visit: For assistance with the registration process, contact HMRC.

As one of the most important UK government departments, the HMRC contact number will always be an important one to have access to. The HMRC support staff is responsible for handing calls pertaining to a broad range of different subjects. The HMRC phone number is among the most frequently used and efficient ways to receive assistance with tax and benefit matters.

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