How to Get the Most Out of Customer Service Agents


No one truly wishes to have to contact customer service agents, but everyone is thankful when they receive the help that they need from these important employees. There are indeed right and wrong ways to approach agents, and everyone should realize that there are limits to what they can do. The following are some general guidelines that will help you to help customer support team members provide you with the best service.

  1. Be Polite – It is easy to become frustrated, but screaming into the phone at someone who likely had nothing to actually do with the problem is not going to solve anything. If you truly want someone to try to help, then treat them with some respect.
  2. Make Your Needs Clear – Customer service agents are not mind readers. Make sure that you convey your message clearly so that they understand exactly what you need, and can then provide it.
  3. Have Your Information Available – If you need to provide item numbers, an account number, personal information, or more, be sure to have that information readily available. This will help the agent and hopefully prevent you from needing to call more than once.
  4. Call At the Best Time – While you may need to call when you have time, if possible, calling during lower call volume time-frames can help both you and the agent. The first part of the week tends to be busiest, with call numbers declining as the week progresses.

Do consider only asking to speak to a manager if absolutely necessary. If the agent truly cannot answer your question or help with your problem, only then should you ask to speak to someone higher up. Most agents are well-trained to help with most problems, but of course there will be a few times when you may need to speak with someone else who can help. There is no reason to hold for a manager when the first agent you speak with can solve the problem.

The customer service experience is as much about the agent as it is about you. Yes, there are both good and bad agents, just as there are good and bad consumers. Customer service representatives are paid to provide a service, and they often do an excellent job of it. However, the process will run much smoother when both agent and customer are able to connect on a level that is mutually beneficial.