Paypal Contact Number: 0870 280 5114

PayPal offers online payment solutions on a global scale, allowing its users to send and receive money. The company is headquartered in San Jose, California, and boasts 165 million users worldwide. PayPal was established in 1998, and became subsidiary of eBay in 2002 before going on to become a separate publicly traded company in 2015. The current CEO is Dan Schulman and the current chairman is John Donahoe.

The primary purpose of using the service provided by PayPal is to send or receive money. The service does cater to a large number of business customers, but can be used by virtually anyone. PayPal earns its profits by charging fees on most transaction. Funds can be sent from computers and internet-connected devices, and can be sent from nearly anywhere in the world. There are a few country –specific restrictions, and users can contact PayPal to learn what these are.

PayPal Contact Number: 0870 280 5114
Contact Paypal To Speak With Paypal Customer Service

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The official contact number for PayPal can be found on their official website here:

PayPal Contact Number for Account Help

Contact Paypal Customer ServiceIf you need help with your account, call the PayPal helpline at 0870 280 5114. This number will connect you to the general contact line, where you can then select the department that you need to speak to. The customer service team can help with a broad range of topics, including but not limited to:

  • • Opening or closing an account
    • Managing account details
    • Account verification
    • Password and login issues
    • Linking bank accounts and cards
    • Account limits
    • Sending money
    • Receiving money
    • Refunds
    • And more

PayPal customer service hours are from 4:00 AM to 10:00 PM PST Monday through Friday, and from 6:00 AM to 8:00 PM PST Saturday and Sunday. If you would like to try to find an answer to your question before phoning, there a searchable support page. Additionally, it is possible to send an email via the website. Many of the questions and problems related to the service are linked to personal information, so exercise caution when deciding which contact method to use when calling for help.

At this time, nearly all eBay sellers request payment via PayPal. If your problem lies with an eBay transaction, the first step is to proceed through the problem resolution process. PayPal does offer purchase protection on many items, but the place to start for eBay problems is eBay itself. For problems related to other online purchases, PayPal may be able to help via their protection plan. Contact an agent to discuss problems that have occurred with purchases made using your PayPal account.

PayPal Support for Individuals

PayPal is an easy way to send or receive money for virtually anything. Sending money to family or friends is easy, fast, and sometimes free when you use your existing balance or bank account. To send money using your debit or credit card, the cost is 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction. Note that costs are higher when sending funds to those outside of your home country. Visit the PayPal website or speak with an agent to learn more about the costs associated with sending payments abroad.

Paypal Customer Service For IndividualsTo send money, complete the following steps:

  • 1. Sign into your account
    2. Select: Send money to a friend
    3. Provide the email address or mobile number of the intended recipient
    4. Enter a payment amount
    5. Click Next.
    6. Review the details and if the details are correct, click Send

All transactions can be tracked by logging into your account. If you need help with sending money, cancelling a payment, calculating fees, or funding your account, contact PayPal at 0870 280 5114 during business hours, or send an email if your question does not require an immediate answer. A few tips to consider when sending money include allowing the page to completely load after hitting “Send” to allow the transaction to complete, and always double-checking the payment details before submitting the request to send money.

If you make a mistake when transferring funds, contact PayPal right away. It may be possible to cancel the payment before the recipient receives it. The most common mistakes including sending a payment to the wrong email address or person, along with entering the incorrect amount to send. As mentioned above, both of these common errors may be avoided by looking over the transaction details before proceeding to complete the transfer.

PayPal Contact Number for Security and Fraud

PayPal takes security very seriously. The site is extremely secure, but users must make sure that they are logging in from the official homepage: Contact PayPal right away if you feel that you have been a victim of fraud. Be prepared to verify your identify and provide details of the occurrence. In most cases, stolen funds will be replenished, and there is protection in place for purchases that go wrong. Speak with a PayPal customer service member to open a case if problems occur.

Scams are not uncommon in relation to PayPal, as this service deals with financial information. Spoof emails and Craigslist scams are widespread, and PayPal users are advised to never give out their information to an untrusted source. Official PayPal emails will be marked as such, but if you suspect for any reason that an email or message you’ve received is not authentic, forward it to to find out whether it came from the company or an outside source. Never use any link that is provided in a suspect email to connect to a site that is supposed to be PayPal.

PayPal Customer Service for Business

Paypal Contact Number To Send MoneyBusiness owners can use PayPal to accept payments for products or services. To view a complete breakdown of the business solutions available, visit the Paypal website. You can also reach out to PayPal customer service by dialing 0870 280 5114 to discuss your business plans and what the costs of accepting payments will be. Note that discount rates are offered to eligible merchants and nonprofit organizations. Special products, such as the PayPal card reader are available. The cost for using this tool is 2.7% for swiped cards or 3.5% plus $0.15 for manual transactions.

Note that business accounts differ from individual accounts in several different ways. If you sell services or goods online, and would like to offer PayPal as an accepted payment method, contact the business team. Discounted rates are offered to some business customers, and there are customized solutions available for those who wish to improve their business by accepting PayPal payments. Other perks may also be offered to business customers, regardless of how large or small the business is.

PayPal Phone Number for Debit MasterCard Support

PayPal offers their own debit MasterCard to business customers. This card can be used to make purchases or to withdraw funds at qualifying ATM’s. PayPal help is available if you need to activate your card, set or change your pin, request a new card, or find out why your card is not working. If your card is lost or stolen, report it right away by using PayPal contact number 0870 280 5114 to stop any transactions from going through.

The PayPal MasterCard debit card is available to business customers and there is no cost to receive it. This card allows users to pay for goods and services at locations where MasterCard is accepted, and have the payment come directly from a PayPal balance or bank account that is linked to the card. Cash back in the amount of 1% is provided when this card is used. If you are a business customer and would like to request your own PayPal MasterCard debit card, call PayPal or submit the request online.

PayPal on Social Media

If you would like to contact PayPal on social media, there are several options for doing so. The company does provide service via Facebook, Twitter and more, but remember to never post any sensitive information online when asking questions about your account. Social media is best used to ask general questions about how to send or receive payments, or to inquire about the costs associated with doing so. It should not be used to ask questions about your personal account.

If your question or issue requires that you provide personal information, PayPal help via telephone or email will be the better contact options. PayPal customer service number 0870 280 5114 will connect you to a representative who can answer your questions and help provide solutions to any problem you may be experiencing. This is the contact option to choose if your question or problem is going to require that you provide your identity information, or allow an agent to view your account. 

Work for PayPal

PayPal employs thousands of people and may have a position for you. To search open positions online, visit the PayPal jobs website. Jobs can be searched by category or location. Being a global company means that candidates may apply for open positions at many different locations, whether this be in their home country or abroad.

Career categories include:

  • Contact Paypal For Jobs• Engineering
    • Product Management
    • Design & User Experience
    • IT & Technical Operations
    • Sales & Business Development
    • Trust, Safety, & Fraud
    • Marketing & Communications
    • General Management & Business Support
    • Finance
    • Data Science & Analytics
    • Customer Support
    • Legal
    • Human Resources
    • Entry Level Students & Recent Grads

If you would like to discuss job opportunities over the phone, call the PayPal helpline at 0870 280 5114 and request to be connected to the hiring department. Alternately, it is possible to create an account online within the careers area in order to apply for a position, submit a resume, check on the status of an application, and more. If you need help with this process, contact PayPal customer service and request to be connected with a hiring representative.


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