Sky Contact Number: 0870 280 5112

Sky is a British telecommunications company that was formed in 1990 when Sky Television and British Satellite Broadcasting merged and can be contacted on 0870 280 5112. Sky provides television, internet services, and telephone services to individual and business customers throughout the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria, Italy and Switzerland. Sky is currently the largest pay-television broadcaster in the United Kingdom. The company’s corporate headquarters are located in Isleworth, and Sky currently employs approximately 31,000 individuals.

Contact Sky customer services on 0870 280 5112
to speak with a Sky representative

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The official contact number for Sky can be found on their official website here:

Call Sky Customer Services On 0870 280 5112

The Sky phone number can be used to speak with the customer service department. Assistance in one or more forms is always available. It is possible to send an email from the company website, or to use social media as a way to reach out. A help area is located on the company website, and this can be used to find answers to basic questions about the services offered by Sky. Pricing information is also available, but customers may need to call to get the most up-to-date rates. When you contact Sky, assistance is available for a broad range of topics and services, including but not limited to:

  • Sky services being displayed on a plasma TV• TV
    • Broadband
    • Sky Go
    • Sky Talk
    • Yahoo Mail
    • Accounts
    • Billing
    • Problems
    • New Service
    • Moving Home

The Sky team is able to help with any of the aforementioned topics, and much more. Help is also available if you need advice about choosing your services. Everyone has different needs and different budgets, but a Sky rep can go over the available options and pricing with you to help ensure that you are matched to the perfect service or bundle that will meet your needs. Contact Sky today to learn more about special deals and limited time offers for new customers.

Sky Customer Service Number for Problems

To report a problem with any Sky service, call 0870 280 5112. This number can be used to report issues related to television service, phone service, or broadband service. Area-specific service statuses can also be checked online by going to the “Service Status” page of Sky. To check your satellite signal online, use the Sky contact number listed above to connect to a representative who can help diagnose problems, and if necessary, send someone out to help.

In some cases, problems can be solved simply by calling. Other times, someone may need to come to your home or business to fix the problem. If this is the case, Sky customer service will help you with setting up a service appointment at a time that is convenient for you. If the problem requires that you return or exchange old equipment, you will be provided with return instructions and will receive a tracking number that will allow you to check on the delivery of your new equipment.

Sky Phone Number for Accounts & Billing

Help is available for any and all things related to your Sky account and/or billing matters. If you need to change your Sky iD, make changes to your service package, manage your bills and payments, get help with logging in, or receive assistance for any other account-related matter, call 0870 280 5112. If you would like to re-set your password without making a call to the customer service department, visit the sky website. There, you will be able to request a username reminder or request a new password.

Although there are several contact options available, phone contact is typically the method that is recommended for resolving billing matters. It is important to keep personal and payment details private, so never use a contact method such as social media to share such info. Phone contact also reduces the number of mistakes and allows for clearer communication. This comes in handy when trying to discuss details such as billing errors, bill details, and more.

Sky Customer Services for TV

Sky TV bundles start out at £20 per month and include a variety of entertainment channels, HD channels, free-to-air channels, and more. To learn about all of the bundle options available, contact Sky or visit: It is possible to change services by calling in and speaking with a representative. Some bundles do require a minimum length of service time, typically 12-months. Sky customer service can also help with problems related to television service. If you are experiencing an issue with a box or satellite reception, help is available. Be sure to report problems straight away in order to ensure that the problem is resolved quickly.

Purchasing a bundle is not a requirement, but doing so will allow you to access special discounted pricing. A full list of bundling options can be found on the Sky website, but feel free to contact the customer service department if you would like discuss the available options. It may be possible to create a custom set of services specifically for you that will meet your needs. Contracts and the terms and conditions associated with them can also be discussed when you call Sky customer service. It is important to understand these prior to agreeing to sign up for service.

Sky Contact Number for Broadband & Fibre

Both free and paid broadband and fibre services are available. Additionally, there are service options that are capped with a monthly usage allowance, or completely unlimited. Sky help is available to help you select the service that is best for how you use the internet. Dial Sky phone number 0870 280 5112 to contact a specialist who can discuss the available options and pricing. If you are ordering service for the first time, a Sky rep can help you to establish your new account and schedule an installation appointment for you.

Some equipment will be needed in order to use Sky internet services. In most cases, this will be provided to you at no cost. Should you have the option to self-install, the equipment will be delivered to you by mail or postal service. If you opt for professional installation, the equipment will either be mailed or will be provided by the installation specialist. Feel free to confirm with the Sky customer service department the type of equipment that you will need, what the costs are (if any), and discuss the available options for installation services.

Sky Helpline for New Service & Moving Home

Sky setup box ready for a house moveThe contact number for Sky can be used to set up new service or to transfer your existing service to a new location. Establishing new service or transferring service can take a few days, so it is best to contact Sky as early as possible to set up or transfer services. If possible, contact Sky as soon as you know that you will be moving. This will allow plenty of time for taking care of matters such as receiving new equipment or scheduling an installation, if necessary. Ideally, a two-week notice will help you to avoid any problems.

There is no cost associated with moving home, but new service will require payment. Sky offers both stand-alone and bundled services. Sky support is available to help you understand what services are available and what the costs are for each. Should you wish to make changes to your service, whether this is in the form of an upgrade or downgrade, you may wish to take care of this while moving home. Speak with a representative if you need help with making changes to your current level of service when transferring service to a new location.

Contact Sky on 0870 280 5112 to learn more about the options and special offers that are available to you.

Sky for Business

The same services that are available for home customers are available for business customers, but of course on a larger scale. Whether the location is a restaurant or an office, television, internet, and phone services can be provided. To discuss the options available for your business, call Sky customer services by dialing: 0870 280 5112. This number will allow you to connect to a business specialist who can help you with determining the best services and lowest prices to suit your needs.

Special pricing and services may be available for business customers, particularly those who own large businesses. The Sky business team is on hand to help answer questions about business prices and potential volume discounts. They can also help to answer questions about installation of service for business locations. This can be quite a large task at times, and it will be necessary to schedule installation. Contact a rep to discuss services, pricing, and the details of what installation entails.

Sky on Social Media

Sky mouse mat on deskIf you would like to connect to Sky on social media, several options are available. As one would expect from such a large company, Sky can be found on Facebook, Twitter, and more. Both questions and feedback can be submitted to the company via these outlets. Complaints can also be submitted when using social media as a method of contact.

Social media assistance is not available at all hours, so use the Sky contact number 0870 280 5112 to receive assistance immediately. Note that payment and personal information should not be shared online, so opt for phone contact during times when this type of information may need to be shared. There are right and wrong ways to use social media to contact businesses. Typically, this method of communication is best for providing feedback or asking general questions about products and services. Keep this in mind when reaching out to businesses in this manner.


Work for Sky

If you are interested in working for Sky, call the Sky helpline on 0870 280 5112 to be connected to an employment specialist. On the Sky website, you can search for open jobs and learn more about the types of opportunities that the company has available. Applications can be submitted and tracked online at any time. Call Sky if you need help with the job search or application submission process.

If you do decide to apply online, you will need to create an account. Doing so will allow you to save your application and check on the status of an application. Although the internet has become very important in the job search and application process, it does not completely substitute for human contact. Feel free to reach out to the hiring department if you wish to ask questions about available positions, locations, pay rates, or simply wish to re-affirm your interest in working for Sky.

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