The Best Way to Deal with Lost or Stolen Packages


If you have ever ordered something online, only to have the package never arrive, then you know the frustration that comes with lost or stolen deliveries. Although online retailers work hard to keep the number of shipping problems down, once a package leaves the warehouse, it is hard to control what happens to it along the way. If you ever need to report problems with deliveries, consider the following.

Although you may be extremely anxious to receive your new item, there is no way to speed up the delivery process once an item has shipped. If you want to get your order quickly, consider upgrading to expedited shipping. One and two day delivery options may be available at an extra cost, and the extra cost should also provide some protection against the package being lost. Expedited services generally involve the use of companies such as FedEx or UPS, which both make it easy to track deliveries.

To avoid having a package be stolen, opt for a shipping option that requires your signature on delivery. This may require that you pay some extra cost, but in the case of expensive items, many companies are willing to cover this cost to ensure that the item does make it to the customer. Insurance may also be an option that would cover the cost of the item if it is lost or stolen during the delivery process. If such options are available, you will be able to select them during the online checkout process.

So, what happens if the worst case scenario becomes a reality? If the tracking shows that your package is lost, or shows that it was delivered (but you do not have it), contact the customer service department. There is no way to say definitively what will happen, as every company is of course different. However, most companies do offer refunds or replacement products if it is clear that a delivery became lost or was stolen during the shipping process. To get to this point though, you will need to report the problem.

Few things are as frustrating as having an order be lost in the mail. Having a package stolen is equally as bad. Considering the billions of packages that ship each year, the data on lost and stolen deliveries is actually quite small. However, if you wish to avoid such problems, opt for the shipping options that will best ensure that you receive your items quickly and safely.