The Best Way to Report Problems to Customer Service


Clearly, no one ever wishes to experience problems when it comes to products or services, but they do happen. When they do, the place to turn for help will be the customer service department. The following tips cover the different types of problems that may need to be reported, and the best way to go about dealing with each of them in a timely, hassle-free fashion.

Reporting Service Outages

When your lights go out, or your internet stops working, it’s time to call for help. Depending on the company or type of service, most customer service lines for outage reporting are open 24-hours a day. The fastest way to submit is report is to use an automated line, if one is provided. Automated services will allow you to enter certain information and potentially have the problem taken care of with no other effort required. However, if a repair person needs to be dispatched, it may be necessary to speak the an agent in order to schedule a visit.

Reporting Equipment Problems

As wonderful as technology is, equipment can and will fail from time to time. This type of problem may involve the need to return the equipment for repair or replacement. The best way to handle this problem in a timely manner is to report the problem as soon as possible. You can ask if a replacement can be delivered immediately. For products that are under warranty, ask the customer service rep what the steps are for submitting the items for repair or possible replacement. Equipment problems may be the most frustrating of all, but fast action may lessen the time that resolution takes.

Dealing with Returns & Refunds

Internet retailers are well-aware that they will do more business by offering to accept returns. The best tip here is to know that the return policy is prior to placing an order. How many days do you have to submit a return? Can the specific item even be returned? Are exchanges possible? Does the company cover the cost of return postage? These are questions that you should have answered prior to making a purchase. Some products, such as opened video games, may not be accepted as a return, while items such as clothing almost always are. Know the policies prior to shopping online.

Reporting Billing Problems

Billing mistakes can only be dealt with by contacting customer service. If you notice a charge that is incorrect, contact the company right away. It could be that the charge only needs clarification, or that the company did make a mistake. It could also be that there is a security issue that needs to be reported. Billing problems can typically be taken care of in very little time, but it may be necessary to contact a company more than one to ensure that the problem is completely solved.
Although there is usually more than one way to contact a company, calling the customer service department tends to be the best way to ensure that problems are properly taken care of. The sooner you report a problem, the sooner a resolution will come. As a final tip, consider keeping records of your reports, along with any case numbers. This can prove helpful when the problem cannot be solved in only one call.