The Proper Steps for Providing Feedback to Businesses


Without feedback, businesses would find it tough to really know what their customers want. They may have a general idea, otherwise they would not be in business, but feedback is vitally important. Most businesses are more than happy to listen to your feedback, and yes, complaints. Not everyone is willing to take the time to provide feedback, but if you are someone who is, the following tips will help to ensure that your time and effort is not wasted.

When providing feedback, what is most important is that you provide it to the correct person. Most businesses, especially larger businesses, have a department that has solely been created for the purpose of taking in feedback and complaints. Providing your comments to a general customer service agent will likely be a waste of time, unless the call is being recorded and used to collect information. If you want to truly be helpful, be sure to speak to the correct department.

The same applies if you choose to provide your comments via social media or email. Firing off an email to the wrong department will not be helpful, not will typing out a long message and posting it to the businesses social media page. You may get some attention if you are posting a complaint, but general comments could go unnoticed. Consider sending a private message instead, and request that it be forwarded on to the correct individual.

What you have to say is every bit as important as who you say it to. Be sure that you are as specific as possible when providing feedback. For example, if you wish to tell a restaurant that the chicken sandwich you ordered had too much mayonnaise, it will be helpful to include the location at which it was purchased, which type of sandwich was ordered (if there was more than one type), the time of day it was ordered, and more. Whether you are just providing constructive criticism or a full-blown complaint, these details can help.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with a business if you would like for them to hear what you have to say about their products or services. Most businesses love it when they are able to find out what does or does not go over well with their customers. In some cases, you may even be rewarded for providing your option, so if you do have the time to do so, complete emailed questionnaires and surveys that offer to compensate you in some manner.