Tips for Completing Customer Service Calls Quickly


When call charges apply, it pays to know how to complete a service call quickly. At times, reaching out to a customer service department via phone is the only option that makes sense. There are simply some matters that are best dealt with by directly speaking with someone who can help. The follow tips will help you to get the help you need, without being stuck on the phone for extended periods of time.

Make Calls During the Least Busy Hours

In order to avoid being on hold for an extended period of time, try to make calls during the least busy hours, or on the least busy days. For example, Monday mornings tend to be an extremely busy time for most customer service departments, and would among the worst times to place your call. Although the busy times may vary from business to business, in general, it is best to call later in the week, and later in the day.

Have Important Information Available

Time can definitely be saved by having any important information available when you call. For example, if you are calling with questions about an order that has been placed, consider having the order number ready to provide to the agent. Be prepared in advance is one of the best ways to reduce call times, and one of the best ways to avoid the need to place more than one call to have your questions answered.

Connect to the Correct Department

In most cases, calling a company contact number means that you will first be connected to the main line. The next step will be to make one or more selections that will ultimately connect you to an agent. If you need help with placing an order, but connect to the returns department, you’ll either have to be transferred, or go back and start the process over again. Save time by listening to the available choices and making the correct selection from the beginning.

For some, there is a sense of frustration that comes with having to phone customer service departments. In truth, the task is not always a pleasant one. However, there are ways to take the hassle out of calling, and keep the length of time that it takes to get answers to a minimum. The aforementioned tips can certainly help you to get the help you need quickly, so that you can go about your day.