Tips for Contacting Customer Service Departments via Email


Email is one of the main contact methods used to reach out to customer service departments. This contact method does have its pros and cons, but it generally does produce results for those who are patient enough to use it. The following tips will help you to decide when to use email as your chosen contact method, and also provides advice for how to make the contact process as simple and successful as possible.

Knowing when to send an email can be helpful. Phone contact is the preferred method of most, and rightfully so, as it tends to produce instant results. But what about the times when phone contact is not an option? Not every business offers ’round the clock phone support, so after hours may be a good time to send an email. It still may be faster to just wait until the next business day to make a call, but there is always the chance that an email will be responded to in the meantime.

Another time to use email is when you would like to have some proof of the response that you are provided with. This is something that is all but impossible to get with phone contact, unless you are able to have the agent send you an email. If your reason for calling includes any type of data, it may be wise to send an email so that you will be able to save the correspondence. Along these same lines, email can be a good way to ensure that you deal with the same agent, which is excellent when a problem cannot be immediately solved.

To ensure that your email contact goes smoothly and your problem is resolved quickly, make sure to include as much information as possible when writing composing your message. For example, if you need to ask a question about a set of golf clubs, don’t only provide the name of the set, but also the item number. Providing details with help to eliminate the need for multiple messages, and will ensure that any information you receive from an agent is likely to be factual and beneficial.

Not every company makes it easy to contact them via email. Those that do often use a ticket system or require that you have an account with them in order to access the provided contact form. Clearly, email is not always the best contact option, but there are times during which it can and should be used. Knowing when and how to best use this method will help to ensure that your inquiry is handled as best possible.