Tips for Using Live Chat to Contact Customer Service


One of the three main methods used to contact customer service agents is live chat. This option is a popular one, but of course is not always made available. When it is, it is important to know when to use it, and how to get the most out of the experience. What follows are some general tips that will ensure that do just that.

Live chat is often offered during the same hours as phone support. When given the option between the two, phone support tends to be more effective. However, if you feel that your inquiry does not warrant a call to the company or entity, live chat is certainly the next best thing. In fact, it is the only other contact option that will allow you to speak with an agent in real-time, something that email and social media contact really don’t permit.

When you do decide to use this contact method, it’s helpful to have important information handy. For example, if you would like to report a problem with your cable television service, being able to provide your account number is going to speed the process along and ensure that the problem is taken care of. If you have photos, screen shots, or other files that help to show the problem, these may be able to be transmitted via chat. However, they may also need to be sent via email instead.

Do take note of the name of the agent that you speak to in chat. This can be helpful if you need additional support. In some cases, it is possible to request an email that contains the chat transcript. It is good to request this if your chat contains important information or data that you’ll need to remember. If a copy of the transcript is not available, you can opt to screen shot the information you need. Just remember not to close the chat box prior to doing so.

Live chat is undeniably a helpful tool when it comes to dealing with customer service departments. Although it may not produce the same immediate results that phone contact tends to provide, it is still nice to know that there is someone on the other end attending to your needs. Feel free to use live chat when it makes sense to do so, but don’t be afraid to call for help if alternate contact methods are not getting the job done.