Using Customer Service to Gather Product Information


While it is quite simply to shop for and order items online, it can be a challenge to make sure that you are able to buy exactly what you want. Doing this requires that you are able to see photos of the item, as well as have access to a detailed description. Unfortunately, these two are not always available, leaving you to question whether or not you should actually make a purchase. However, there are ways to ensure that each purchasing decision that you make is a wise one.

Many retailers do an excellent job of providing information about the products that they offer. Even so, there may be details that are not provided. General information is fine for some items, but when it comes to purchasing goods such as electronics, you may need lots of details. So, what should your course of action be if the details you need are not available? Contact customer service and ask for the information. With that being said, you may not receive an instant answer.

Customer service reps typically do not have the products sitting right in front of them, and as you can imagine, the bigger the company, the less likely it is that a rep ever lays eyes on the products. This does not necessarily mean that you cannot get all of the information that you need. Only that it may take a while longer to get it. At times, agents must contact other departments to get the answers to these questions, after which they can be relayed to you.

There is a limit to what a retailer will do to complete a sale. With high priced items, you may be able to request additional photos or other helpful information. Do not expect this to be the case with low priced items, but a sale is a sale, so the customer support team should still be more than willing to help. The bottom line is this – if you need more information, don’t be afraid to ask for it. A retailer that truly wants your business will do whatever it takes to make sure that your questions are answered.

What should you do if you absolutely cannot get the item specifics that you want? Well, the decision is of course going to be left up to you. Should you decide to go ahead and place the order, be sure to first review the refund and exchange policy. Returning an item that was purchased online may not be the most fun thing that you’ve ever done, but increasingly, more retailers are offering to cover the cost of return postage and making the process easier than ever.