Using Customer Service to Track Product Orders


While online tracking is now the norm, the truth is that problems with shipping are extremely common. Odd are good that if you shop online on a regular basis, at some point you will run into problems with the shipment process. When this happens, contacting the customer service department will be the first step towards ensuring that you do ultimately receive the product that you ordered.

Nearly all companies now supply a tracking number when an order has shipped. Sometimes this number will be emailed, other times it will be available on the company website. When the number if clicked on, you should be taken to a webpage that will show you the latest details on where your package is, and approximately when it is expected to arrive. Initially, there should be no problems, unless you notice that the tracking information is not being updated, in which case you may need to call customer service.

There are other reasons as to why you may need to check with the customer support team, such as:

  • Tracking shows the wrong delivery address.
  • Tracking information is not being updated.
  • Expedited shipping has not been applied.
  • Tracking shows that the package is stuck in one location.
  • Tracking shows as delivered, but you have not received it.

If your package is not received in a timely manner, or you suspect that it has been lost or stolen, call customer service to file a report. Reporting this problem is going to be the only way to even stand a chance at receiving a refund or replacement product. This could mean that you need to make more than one call for support in order to ensure total resolution of the problem.

It is possible that you will need to contact your local post office to file a report. If the package has been insured, an insurance claim may also need to be filed. Typically, the seller of the item will take of this on their end. Unfortunately, all shipping problems do not have a happy ending, but reporting problems sooner than later may help to protect you in the event that your order does not arrive. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the retailer to ensure that you do receive the items that you pay for, so this should provide some peace of mind when shopping online.