Vodafone Contact Number: 0870 280 5111

Vodafone is a multinational telecommunications company that was founded in 1991. The company is head quartered in London and is the world’s 2nd-largest mobile telecommunications company in terms of revenues and subscribers. Vodafone owns and maintains networks in 21 different countries and is linked networks in over 40 additional countries. Employing approximately 92,000 individuals, Vodafone is headed up by CEO Vittorio Colao and Chairman, Gerard Kleisterlee.

Contact Vodafone on 0870 280 5111
to speak with Vodafone Customer Service

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The official contact number for Vodafone can be found on their official website here: www.vodafone.co.uk

Contact Vodafone Customer Service on 0870 280 5111

Vodafone Customer Services Headquarters

There are several ways in which customers and prospective customers can contact Vodafone. The company can be reached via phone, email, and social media. The easiest and fastest way to contact the company is simply to call and connect with a rep. Email is an option when you are not in a hurry to receive an answer, and the said can be said for social media, which tends to work best for general questions and not account-related queries.

Vodafone contact number 0870 280 5111 can be used to contact a customer service representative who can help with any of the following topics:

  • • Calls, Texts, and Voice mail
    • Joining and Upgrading
    • Account, Billing, and Top Ups
    • Network and Coverage
    • Device Guides
    • Internet
    • Broadband
    • Going or Calling Abroad
    • Home Phone
    • Offers and Rewards
    • Protecting Your Device

Additional support is available by visiting the Vodafone website: https://www.vodafone.co.uk. A complete list of questions and answers can be found on that page, along with searchable topics. A Vodafone help & support forum is also available on Vodafone website. Any of these resources can be used to search for answers to questions on your own. However, if you are a busy person, as most people today are, it is best to simply call the company to get the answers that you need.

Vodafone Telephone Number for Problem Reports

In order to report problems with your Vodafone service, call 0870 280 5111. Many problems can be solved by calling the Vodafone helpline, but some problems will require a visit from a repair person. If a repair appointment is needed, a customer service representative will set one for you at an agreed upon date and time. To check the status of a service appointment, contact Vodafone using the number listed above.

At times, problems will require that you receive new equipment, or may call for you to return old or defective equipment. If any of this is necessary, the customer service representative that you speak with will help you with the process. Should you have any questions about devices that are still under warranty, or need to have repairs made to a faulty device, contact the Vodafone service department.

Vodafone Contact for Phones & Services

Team Vodafone stepping into formula 1 carVodafone offers a broad range of phones and service plans, including both pre-paid, monthly billing plans, and SIM only plans. Call Vodafone if you would like to discuss the available options and determine which phone and plan is best for you. Alternately, the company website allows you to compare phones and plans to see what the costs will be prior to ordering. Registration is not required in order to see and compare prices. The comparison process will show you many different things, including specifications, pricing, phone plans, and more.

If you need help with your phone, or wish to change your service plan, Vodafone’s contact number (0870 280 5111) can be dialled to connect to a representative who can help. Calls are accepted between the hours of 8am to 8pm, seven days a week. In addition to phones, tablets, iPads, and dongles are available. The service number listed above can be used for help with these devices as well. Pricing and information for these devices can be found online, but do feel free to contact customer service if you would like to discuss the specifications, connection rates, or possible discounts for bulk purchases.

Vodafone Contact Number for Broadband and Phone

Vodafone broadband and home phone packages start at £2.50 per month. It is possible to select a plan with a limit, or unlimited fibre+ broadband plans. With most plans, a router is provided for free. Note that if your new service requires installation, you will need to schedule an appointment. Installation charges will apply in some cases. A Vodafone customer service member can help you understand the charges associated with establishing or moving service. Additional Vodafone broadband information can be found online on the Vodafone website.

If you need help setting up new service, or with moving your service from one location to the next,
Call Vodafone customer services on 0870 280 5111.

Vodafone store blue carpet eventFor phone service, a line rental cost of £16.99 a month is charged. Subscribers will need to contact Vodafone to receive a complete list of phone rates. There are different rates that vary by phone plan, as well as rates that are based on the time the call is made, location the call is made to, and more. Some plans include discounts or free calling hours, such as evenings and weekends. With these plans, the following times are included:

  • • Daytime is 7am to 7pm, Monday-Friday
    • Evening is 7pm to 7am, Monday to Friday
    • Weekend is all day Saturday and Sunday (midnight Friday to midnight Sunday)
    • Bank holidays are treated as normal weekends.
    • Anytime calls: can be made during daytime, evening and weekend periods.

Inclusive call charges and connection charges may also apply. In order to avoid any unexpected charges on your billing statement, contact Vodafone customer service and request to full list of rates to go with your chosen service plan. Furthermore, if you find that the calling plan that you have selected is not working out well for you, you can change to a new plan. A customer service representative can help you select a plan that meets your needs and is priced within your budget.

Vodafone Customer Service for Devices

Just as customer service offers assistance with selecting a calling plan, they also offer assistance with the devices themselves. Help is available for choosing a device, activating a device, learning the basics of using devices, and more. The aforementioned comparison tool will help with making general comparisons, but if you need additional information, contact Vodafone and allow them to explain things in detail for you.

If you need help with your device, call Vodafone by dialling 0870 280 5111. Support is available for any device purchased from the company. In addition to phone support, a device guide is provided online. The device guide allows you to type in a question, select from topic categories, or select your device from a list for help with your specific model. If you have ordered a phone and would like to track your order, contact Vodafone on 0870 280 5111.

Vodafone on Social Media

Vodafone sponsored scooter infront of Vodafone buildingIf you would like to interact with Vodafone via social media, there are several options to choose from. Customer service assistance is provided during business hours on both Facebook and Twitter. The company can also be found on other social media sites, such as LinkedIn, Google+, YouTube, and more. More complex matters may need to be handled by calling Vodafone customer service on 0870 280 5111.

When employing Vodafone support via social media, remember to not provide private information such as credit cards numbers. All billing and account matters should be handled by calling the helpline or by logging into your account and submitting an email. In general, the best way to use social media as a contact method is to limit your inquires to general questions about products or services, rather than using it to solve problems related to your personal account, billing methods, or other private matters. Safety should always come first.

Vodafone Helpline for Business

Business solutions are available for companies of all sizes. Whether you need phones, internet, landline service, or all three, Vodafone can help. The best plan for those who are interested in business services is to call Vodafone customer service at 0870 280 5111 and schedule a callback. Once this is done, a business service professional will return your call, at which time you can discuss your service needs. Plans for small, medium, and large business are available. To learn more about what Vodafone has to offer to business customers call them on 0870 280 5111.

Discounts may be made available for businesses which purchase devices in bulk. Feel free to contact the business team to see if your planned purchase would qualify your business for better pricing. The team can also help with recommendations for service, and can provide information about training for employees who will be using technical devices for work purposes. Complete business solutions are available for all business owners.

Work for Vodafone

Vodafone employs thousands of people all around the world. As such, Vodafone is always in search of new talent to add to their workforce. Opportunities are available in many different job categories, and at more than one location. Employment opportunities can be searched and applied for online. Creating an account will allow applications to be saved and returned to at a later time.

The company offers careers in the following areas:

  • Vodafone employees infront of Vodafone sign• Marketing
    • Technology
    • Corporate
    • Digital
    • Retail
    • Enterprise
    • Customer Service
    • And More

To apply for a job with Vodafone, call 0870 280 5111. Applications can be submitted online after you register an account. Additionally, it is possible to register your interest for specific positions of interest. If you would prefer to speak with a recruiter directly before taking the time to apply, dial the contact number listed below and ask to be connected to a member of the hiring department. Calls are accepted during business hours.

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